About Levels Online

At Dogs In The Park, we believe that obedience is just one stage on the training journey. If you want a great canine partner, train through the levels to develop a relationship that is truly unlimited! This program is great for dogs of all ages, who will learn skills essential for daily life, as well as those that can be applied to sports such as agility, tracking, rally and more.

About Dogs In The Park

At Dogs In The Park, based in Guelph, Canada, we help you to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with your dog through our thoughtful, humane dog training philosophy. We work hard to make sure that all of our staff are well prepared to solve training puzzles with you as you work through the programs with your dogs. John and Sue, your instructors for this course, are the co-owners of Dogs In The Park. They have earned their Certificate of Professional Dog Training and have many years of experience working with puppies and dogs of all ages and backgrounds.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Levels Online!

    • Let's Get Started!

    • Student Walkthrough

  • 2

    The Philosophy Behind Levels

    • Sue Explains the philosophy behind Levels

  • 3

    The Levels Book!

    • The Levels Introduction

    • The Levels Online Curriculum

    • Before Your First Class

    • Just The Basics!

    • Your First Class

    • Training Plan Assignment: Level One Homework

    • Training Plan Chart

    • Level 2 Homework: Learning Theory Explanation

    • Level 2 Homework Quiz: Part 1 of 2. Second part completed in Virtual Levels Class

    • Level 2 Trick Assignment

    • The Behaviour Matrix for Reference!


  • 4

    The Behaviour Matrix

    • Behaviour Matrix

  • 5

    One Hour Down Stay

    • How To Teach Down and Stay

    • One Hour Down Stay

    • Down Stay Recording Sheet

  • 6

    Naughty Dog

    • Naughty Dog

  • 7

    Self Control

    • Self Control

  • 8

    Handler Helper

    • Handler Helper

  • 9

    Scent Games

    • Scent Games

  • 10

    Toilet Training

    • Toilet Training

  • 11


    • Before You Start!

    • Begging at the Table

    • Capturing the Sit

    • Capturing Sit

    • Collar Gotchas

    • Down at a Distance Outside

    • Down Stay on Vet Table

    • Elevator Game

    • Four on the Floor

    • Social Facilitation

    • Turn

    • Taking Turns With Another Dog While Taking Treats

    • How to Hold your Leash Safely