Dogs In The Park is bringing dogs and their owners together in new, enriching ways: our webinars provide in home dog training when it’s convenient for you, and where it’s most comfortable for your canine family member. Since 1993, thousands of dogs (and their owners) across Canada and around the world have placed their trust in our team of certified and experienced trainers. Find out more about Dogs In the Park, and our other programming, at our main website

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Losing Lulu Webinars:

From time to time, people are faced with losing a beloved canine family member to euthanasia when a behaviour problem becomes overwhelming and welfare is compromised. Dogs in the Park has been intimately involved with the development of a comprehensive resource to help families in this tragic situation. If you or someone close to you is facing this situation, please visit Losing Lulu Behavioral Euthanasia Webinars to learn more about this sensitive and difficult topic.
Losing Lulu Webinars: