About Every Puppy's Education Online

Do you have a puppy? Not sure how to begin behaviour training? Let our dog behaviour expert, John, teach you what to do. Join him as he guides you through some basic commands, toilet training, socialization, and more. You'll gain access to videos as well as a handy manual. Newly added: a special section on pandemic priorities to help you get through COVID-19 with your new puppy!

About Dogs In The Park

At Dogs In The Park, based in Guelph, Canada, we help you to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with your dog through our thoughtful, humane dog training philosophy. We work hard to make sure that all of our staff are well prepared to solve training puzzles with you as you work through the programs with your dogs. John, your instructor for this course, is our primary puppy program developer and co-owner of Dogs In The Park. He has earned his Certificate of Professional Dog Training and has many years of experience working with puppies and dogs of all ages and backgrounds.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To Every Puppy's Education, Online!

    • Let's Get Started!


    • Puppy Behaviour Matrix

    • Puppy Theory Circles

    • Student Walkthrough

    • January 2022 Lockdown Update

  • 2

    Tutorials to Help You With Common Problems

    • Bringing Home Baby Goose

    • Sometimes Puppies Have Sensitive Tummies!

    • Sounds of Life for Puppies and Dogs

  • 3

    S.E.E. Socialization

    • S.E.E.

    • S.E.E. Your Puppy and Socialize Him Right

  • 4

    Toilet Training

    • Toilet Training

  • 5

    Puppy Pandemic Priorities

    • Puppy Pandemic Priorities

  • 6

    Naughty Dog!

    • Naughty Dog

  • 7

    Just the Basics

    • Copy of Just the Basics!

  • 8

    Puppy Manual

    • Every Puppy's Education Manual

    • Puppy Behaviour Matrix

    • Puppy Theory Circles

  • 9


    • Before You Start!

    • Advancing Your Puppy To A Long Duration Down Stay

    • Begging at the Table

    • Capturing Sit

    • Capturing the Sit

    • Collar Gotchas

    • Cuddling, Restraint and Handling

    • Down Stay on Vet Table

    • Elevator Game

    • Four on the Floor

    • How to Hold your Leash Safely

    • Letting a Puppy Off Leash

    • Socialization to a Bike During Play

    • Puppy Leash Manners

    • Puppy Recall Taught Using Social Facilitation of an Older Dog Coming When Called

    • Resource Guarding Prevention

    • Self Amusing Puppy!

    • Social Facilitation

    • Toilet Training and Play

    • Turn

    • Taking Turns With Another Dog While Taking Treats

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